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Regular Service and Maintenance of your Septic and Rainwater systems

When your thinking about scheduling a pump out of your Septic system it means you’re thinking about your pipes and drains. However, the actual septic tank is often forgotten. DON’T forget that your Septic Tank also needs regular scheduled maintenance that will keep your eco friendly septic tank running efficiently for many years.

Septic tanks are responsible for managing the waste in places like your homes and businesses that are not connected to the main sewer lines.
If the system is left untreated, the septic tank tends to overflow and cause severe damage to your property. 

It is essential to keep in mind that a septic tank system is considered a vital component of your home.

The system often goes unnoticed because many concrete septic tanks are busied deep underground.  If you left your septic system is left untreated or neglected, it might lead to sewage odor or seeping.

Furthermore, the system also causes backflow or overflow of toilets that can introduce toxic sewage into your home or business.

Without regular maintenance this is what can happen to your septic system

Detached Dividing Wall 

In the late 1980″s septic systems septic tanks started to be installed with 2 separate compartments in the tanks. its likely if your septic tank was installed in the late 80″s you would have one of these systems on your property. Your septic tanks would have the first  compartment that traps the paper and the waste and the second chamber that where the fluid exists the tank towards the drain fields. 

More and more we are seeing these wall dividers detaching and leaning more to one side than the other. this is a common problem when the walls are made of plastic. Septic tanks are also made of concrete and are very sturdy but over time these also through wear and tear detach but are much less common.

Full Septic Tank 

It is essential to know that an overflowing septic tank can reveal an issue with the drain field and its ability to absorb the wastewater. A septic system failure causes untreated sewage to be released and transported to where it shouldn’t be. 

This may cause sewage to come to the surface of the ground around the tank or the drainfield or to back up in pipes in the building. The sewage could also find its way into groundwater, surface water, or marine water without us ever seeing it. 

The sewage carries pathogens and other dangerous contaminants. Exposure to these pathogens and contaminants can make people and animals sick. They can also contaminate water sources and make them unsafe for drinking, swimming, shellfish harvesting, and agricultural uses.

Tank Wall Corrosion 

Septic tank corrosion can only be spotted by looking inside the tank, which is usually done during routine septic tank cleaning or for septic system inspections — the lids of the tank have to be exposed and removed. Corrosion of the walls takes place when hydrogen sulfide gas becomes trapped in the compartment tanks.

Pumping the tank on a regular basis may be the best preventative measure a homeowner can take.

Tree Roots 

Tree and plant roots can find a septic tank system and work their way inside the pipes. As the tree or plant grows their roots expand and can crack or bust the pipes, A sign that this may be occurring underground is that the plants will start to grow towards the septic system. 

Plants and tree root systems can cause extensive and expensive damage to your system. Regular maintenance  can help to minimise issues like this before they become a bigger problem that cant be repaired and a full replacement of the entire system or partial replacement is needed. 







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Benefits of Regular Septic Tank Maintenance

Cleanliness and maintenance of the septic system are essential to maintain the economic values as well as the aesthetics of the community. One of the best ways to clean your septic system is to get it pumped by a professional septic company.

However, you can also get the best services of the septic tank in Australia. There are various services available in Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales.  

It is essential to keep in mind that homeowners need to have their septic tanks pumped or inspected every three to five years. However, if you have a large family living in a home with a small septic tank, there is a great need to have yours pumped annually.

Regular maintenance of the septic system allows you to get several benefits.

The problem can be caught in time.

When the septic professional comes out to pump your septic tank, they also keep their eyes on other small problems such as cracks in the tank or growing blockages in the pipes that can occur from your home to the septic tank.

Regular inspections will ensure that problems are caught early on before they lead to severe, dangerous, toxic, or costly problems. 

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